Giants linebacker Beason accuses Niners’ Boone of dirty play

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — An angry Jon Beason accused 49ers guard Alex Boone of grabbing him from behind and deliberately pushing him in the back in a “cowardly” move Sunday night game that caused the Giants middle linebacker to sustain his first concussion.

Beason ripped Boone on Friday after returning to practice for the first time since being knocked out of the nationally televised game on the opening series.

Boone said he doesn’t believe he is a dirty player, adding he is sorry that Beason feels the way he does.

The Giants have sent a videotape of the play on which running back Carlos Hyde was fined to NFL headquarters, Beason said.

“It’s hard enough to stay healthy in this league,” said Beason, who missed the first two games of the season with a knee injury. “I think it was a coward move; didn’t show any sportsmanship or regard for another player or his career. It could have been a lot worse.”

Beason, 30, does not believe Boone was intentionally trying to hurt him, but he was still upset by the play.

“I’ve never intentionally ever tried to go out and hurt anybody,” Boone said at the 49ers practice in Santa Clara, California “I respect this game more than anybody in this league. I respect everybody in it. If that’s how he feels then good for him.”

Beason has not reached out to Boone to complain, but he wanted the six-year veteran to know how he felt.

“If you’re frustrated, just call me,” Boone said. “I read the article and he said he’s not going to reach out to me. That’s a shame. If I had a grievance with somebody I’m sure I’d call them and tell them, but everybody’s different.”

San Francisco coach Jim Tomsula said no one wanted to see Beason get hurt. He also didn’t recall Boone pushing the linebacker.

“We were blocking, tackling and running,” Tomsula said.

Hyde, who was carrying the ball, was fined $23,152 by the NFL for using the crown of the helmet to make contact with an opponent on the play. Boone was not fined, and he was sorry that Hyde was fined so much.

No penalty was called on the play.

“I never saw Hyde, I was too busy trying to keep my balance after being pushed from behind,” Beason said. “I wanted to get that out there and I hope it goes out to him and that’s how I feel.”

The media had asked to talk to Beason about his return to practice and his availability for Monday night’s game in Philadelphia. After saying he felt great, he turned his attention to Boone, saying that he avoided the offensive lineman on the stretch play and had cleared him. Boone then horse-collared him and pushed him into Hyde, saying it was like being clipped.

“I have been tackling people for a long time,” Beason said. “I have several hundred tackles and never had a recorded concussion. I have never been delusional or whatnot, and I didn’t know what happened. Once you watch the play, it’s clear there is intent there. Not necessarily to harm, but you have to have some regard for other players in terms of the rules.

“There is no reason to push anyone in the back in football,” Beason said. “Like I said, I think it’s a coward move.”


AP Sports Writer Janie McCauley in Santa Clara, California, contributed to this report.


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