Toys R Us plans to hire fewer holiday season workers

NEW YORK (AP) — Toys R Us says it won’t hire as many holiday season employees as it did last year, but the toy and baby products retailer says it will give current employees and seasonal workers a chance to work more hours.

The company said it plans to hire 40,000 people to work at stores and distribution centers around the country, down from the 45,000 hired for the 2014 holiday season. Most of the jobs will be part-time. The company said it will start interviewing applicants this month, with staff levels rising from October through December.

While the holidays themselves are months away, holiday shopping season is drawing closer and companies are preparing to hire temporary employees to help them staff stores and sell, ship and deliver products.

Wayne, New Jersey-based Toys R Us said seasonal employees in its stores will generally work 18 to 20 hours a week, with up to 30 hours a week during peak shopping periods. The retailer said about 20 percent of last year’s holiday season employees stayed with the company.

Toys R Us has almost 1,600 stores and another 240 licensed locations.

UPS said Tuesday it will hire 90,000 to 95,000 employees — about the same as last year — to help handle shipping and deliveries over the holiday season. United Parcel Service Inc. said it will hire package handlers, drivers and driver-helpers in full-time and part-time capacities.

The seasonal jobs will last from November to January. UPS said seasonal jobs can become permanent jobs in some cases.

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