Style Guide: Original Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day 2015

If you are looking for cute designs to impress you beau on Valentine’s Day, you are in the right place! Check out all this cute themes nail art designs!


Pink and white hearts for Valentine's
Pink and white hearts for Valentine’s
This is a girly perfect design for Valentine?s Day!
Light blue heart  Nail Art
Light blue heart Nail Art
This is one of our personal favorites; each nail has a creative original heart shaped design!
XOXO Yellow Mellow Valentine's 2014
XOXO Yellow Mellow Valentine’s 2014
If words are not enough you can also use your nail to express your feelings on Valentine?s Day!
Red Kiss Nails
Red Kiss Nails
Use your creativity this valentine?s day, and flirt your hands! Check out this kissy kiss red nail art!
Brushed Hearts Valentine's 2014
Brushed Hearts Valentine’s 2014
This design is perfect for Valentine’s Day, dare to use different colors on your nails, and play with the designs!
Small Hearts VD2014
Small Hearts VD2014
This is a wonderful design for the special day, it will make you look girly and you will get a lot of compliments! Try it out!
Melted Hearts for Valentine's
Melted Hearts for Valentine’s
Is your heart melting for your valentine? Let him know with this awesome design!


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