Room cute decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day 2015

If you were looking for some ideas to decorate your house or someone’s special, you are in the right place. Check out these sweet pretty decorations for Valentine’s Day.

1. Valentine's Room Decoration
1. Valentine’s Room Decoration
This is a wonderful way to decorate your room for this special month! Try to play with red, pink and white. Those string hearts crafts look precious in the top of the bed!
2. Romantic Dining Room Lanterns for Valentine's Day
2. Romantic Dining Room Lanterns for Valentine’s Day
Clustering a big group of red lanterns is such a simple and affordable way to add instant drama to the room. And a very romantic way to surprise your lover or friends!
3. Valentine's Window Lights
3. Valentine’s Window Lights
This is a beautiful detail to add a romantic touch to your house front this Valentine?s! It?s easy you should try it!
4. Heart-Shaped String Lights for Romantic Valentine's Day
4. Heart-Shaped String Lights for Romantic Valentine’s Day
This looks amazing if you have that kind of lamp. All you need to do is make some heart-shaped paper crafts of any color and tie them to strings. Make sure the strings are long enough and distant one to another so they won?t tangle.
5. Valentine's Day Long Narrow Mirror
5. Valentine’s Day Long Narrow Mirror
Long narrow mirror with shelf under it like a mantel for over the living room sofa. Really creative and cute!
6. Valentine's Day Surprise Decorations
6. Valentine’s Day Surprise Decorations
If you notice the hearts are strung from the middle, not the top. Use the hearts I got from Target dollar spot to make garland for the powder room mirror. This decoration is perfect for a romantic date surprise!
7. Valentine's Day White Tree
7. Valentine’s Day White Tree
This is my personal favorite; you can use your white Christmas tree, and turn your living room into a movie set Valentine?s Day decoration! Check out the little details on it, and you can use this as an excuse to gather the family and have some quality time decorating the living room for Valentine?s!
8. Romantic Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decoration
If you are trying to make this Valentine?s Day a special one, don?t hesitate in turning your bedroom into a honeymoon love cave. Check all the details, try to use pink and white together, they look more cute than just red. Don?t forget the scented candles!
9. Pastel Heart Strings on Desk for VD 2014
9. Pastel Heart Strings on Desk for VD 2014
This looks so cute and is really easy to make, you can buy the heart shaped crafts in any supermarket these days! It?s perfect for a girl?s room, kitchen or a study room. Use your imagination!
10. Valentine's Day Display
10. Valentine’s Day Display
A gorgeous Valentine?s Day display with some candies, and pretty crafts would look amazing in your house lobby. You can use your favorite picture as the perfect background!
11. Valentine's Day Wreath
11. Valentine’s Day Wreath
Your front door will look amazing with this Lovable Wreath Valentine?s Day for tasteful room décor.
12. String of Hearts Garland Tug for cute Valentine's Day
12. String of Hearts Garland Tug for cute Valentine’s Day
String of Hearts Garland Tug on heartstrings with a garland of oversize stamped hearts. These colorful hearts are so easy that even kids can help. You can decorate the inside of the hearts with any shape and color. Perfect for a girl or baby room! Try it out!
13. Love Heart Decorations
13. Love Heart Decorations
Check out these wonderful ideas for heart string paper decorations! You can use other shapes too, like sea shells or colored cotton balls!
14. Valentine's Ballons Bedroom
14. Valentine’s Ballons Bedroom
If you wanted a simple idea to surprise the one you love, just buy some golden heart-shaped helium balloons and let them fly on top of the bed. Pretty pillows are also an amazing detail to give it a romantic touch!


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