Sarita y esposo ya superaron la muerte de José José, los captaron bailando

Al parecer Sarita Sosa, Sara Salazar, y el esposo de su hija, ya superaron la muerte de José José, pues fueron captados bailando al ritmo de música electrónica. 

Didier Ortiz, cuñado de Sarita, compartió un video donde también aparece Yimmi, esposo de Sosa, bailando dentro de su auto.

“Doy gracias a Dios por ti, Sarita; por ti, Yimmi; y también por Noé. Dios sabe que hemos pasado por tiempos muy difíciles, tiempos de ira e incapacidad. Sé que Dios tiene esto para nosotros por una razón”, escribió.

¿Qué opinas? Rápidamente el video ha sido blanco de críticas por los internautas debido a su actitud.

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? @yimmyortizg Being able to maintain a role amongst an environment where there is a lot of hate and uncertainty, is difficult and a challenging task. You’re constantly being judged, marginalized and in my case even threatened with violence. Having to listen to horrendous and false rumors about myself and family is by far the most angering and hurtful experience. I’m not a superstar nor a pop-star or celebrity, what I am is a human being that loves music and this career in the arts of music. Anyone in the entertainment business knows the challenges of facing many critics, and have to not only face them but live with it for the rest of their lives. To me personally, what keeps me going is the notion that one day, I will have success in all the areas of my life. Having family in multiple geographical areas but also living with family here in Miami, is a great privilege to someone like me. I am not alone in this, and it’s different when you have siblings that are going through the same experience. I thank God for you Sara and you Yimmy and you also Noe. God knows we’ve been going through very difficult times, times of anger and incapability. I know that God has this for us for a reason. And I strongly believe with all my heart, that it’s changing for better. I believe we will overcome anything that heads our way. And to all you critics and press who have the wrong intentions for myself and my family, your opinion about us is merely attention calling to get your viewer. That is not enough to stop me and my family and friends. You can keep talking, but we will take that challenge until we fulfill our dreams. For those who support us, and support my sister Sara and brother Yimmy thank you. Thank you for your prayers and your alliance to them, when it all seems as if it’s their fault. Thank you for defending them and even myself in the thousands of conversations we don’t know about, that you hold with friends and family. That being said, God bless you all.

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