UK launches search for swimmer days after 5 die on beach

LONDON (AP) — British emergency services have launched a search off England’s southeast coast after a swimmer disappeared from the same treacherous beach where five men drowned four days ago.

Vessels from the coast guard and the Royal National Lifeboat Association were patrolling the choppy waters Sunday near Camber Sands, 70 miles (110 kilometers) southeast of London, in hopes of finding the missing swimmer. Sussex Police says its officers are searching the coastline in vehicles and on foot.

Five friends aged 19 to 27 drowned Wednesday at Camber Sands while playing soccer on a sandbar that they thought was beside shallow waters. The area features strong rip tides and thick, quicksand-style sands beside shifting, largely submerged dunes.

Despite the risks, authorities had deployed no lifeguards on the beach until after Wednesday’s deaths.