LOVE IS A HUMAN RIGHT – Video Dailymotion

TO CELEBRATE 50 YEARS OF AMNESTYMusic & Film by Dean Omori IS A HUMAN RIGHTThe last thing you heard as they closed the door is you’re gonna die nowBurn your barbed candles bright as another human right diesWhen we see the people stand up there’s a justice above lawYou don’t need to ask for the truth when you see freedom in their eyesThe street children are screaming you touch what should never be lonelyThe traffickers are fattened on souls peddling midnightLet em be with their innocence it’s the last beauty in this worldThere will be peace on earth when love is a human rightThere’s a boat on a storm with a billion refugees on itThe humiliated are robbed of their dignity no life left to sparkYou don’t have to be chained to a wall for the world to hear you cryingYour not alone in the darkLittle arias of love blown out woman at his mercyCan’t speak out the truth for the dogs of dictators they biteFairness equality and justice will only work while you’re dreamingWe get what we deserve when love is a human right

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